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Certificate III International

Student Visa Requirements

Student Visa Living Cost immi.gov.au/students/student-visa-living-costs.htm The ESOS Act outlines actions international students must take to comply with the condition of their student visa. it requires international students:

  1.  To only be enrolled in full-time courses that are listed on CRICOS- the Australian Governments official register of approved courses for international students.
  2. To immediately report to BIBA Academy and Department of Immigration, any alterations to educational (eg extending your course) of personal details (eg: change of address).
  3.  To provide their visa details to BIBA Academy (the ESOS Act allows for these details and academic reports to be forwarded to other Commonwealth and State agencies) as appropriate.
  4. To sign and acknowledgement of any credit for prior study (Recognition of Prior Learning -RPL) granted by BIBA Academy. Please note, where this results in students falling below “full-time” status students may be required to depart Australia, unless they have been given authorisation by the Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs to remain in the country.
  5. To not defer commencement of their course, or suspend their studies, except on the grounds of illness, as evidenced by a doctors certificate, or exceptional compassionate circumstances, such as bereavement.
Academic Progress

BIBA Academy is required to monitor and report on the academic progress of all students. There is a requirement that discourages students from attempting to extend their student visa by repeating a subject more than once at the end of the program. The government has stated that it will not renew a students visa to allow the student to complete a qualification where that would involve the student repeating a failed subject more than once. This is especially the case where it would involve the student taking less then a full-time study load. Students who fail subjects that are required for the completion of an award should consult their course advisor immediately so that they can repeat the required subject as early as possible in their award program and within the normal visa duration.


Student attendance must be kept above 80%. Attendance is kept daily and calculated monthly. There is a provision on non-attendance due to illness or exceptional grounds out of control of the student such as bereavement. If a student is absent more than five executive days or is consistently absent, BIBA Academy will appoint a counsellor and if attendance falls below 80%, the student will be reported. However, this may be overlooked if the student is keeping up with the work load and is not falling behind as hairdressing is skill based and because the course is self paced.